Fraser Isle Spanner Crab

I can’t help but get excited at this time of year as the spanner crab (Ranina ranina) season is in full swing and my good friends at Fraser Isle Spanner Crabs are working hard to keep up with the demand as chefs around Australia are showcasing this amazing product on their menus.

For me, this crab is a favourite of mine and I’m always keen to get my hands on it! Whether you purchase live crabs and cook them whole and hand pick the meat for a beautiful salad or take advantage of the raw processed meat for a pasta or risotto, you are on a winner here.

What stands out for me is the beautiful soft succulent texture of the meat and its sublime sweet flavour, often compared to lobster, it is a must when I am designing my menus. One of my most popular dishes is a simple risotto, using good quality carnaroli rice, crab stock, crab meat and finished with pernod butter, lemon and a little grated bottarga (Pilu bottarga of course!)A great way to present this dish is to serve it in the carapace shell to give it that wow factor!

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